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My first job out of school was in an auto repair shop. Dave was my boss in the sixties, and had two qualified mechanics and an apprentice, who worked for him. Like a virgin, I was nervous at first because the work was constantly full of sexual innuendo and the boys looked around and laugh at things that do not always understand. After a couple of weeks ago, but I soon began to cheek friendly to both, as I said. The leader of this joke was Dave and I found myself increasingly attracted to him. I never thought I would go for an old man, but I was hoping that on Thursday when he and I, literally, in the office behind closed doors and curtains are closed together, while the business will have Internet banking for more than one hour. On these occasions, put the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door and knew all the guys who will not be interrupted by pornthunder anyone. A worker told me she had always done that while he worked for him. David does not even allow me to attend regular phone calls and incoming calls instead be transferred to your phone, in the workshop so that is not disturbed by a ringing phone. He said he had more to lose concentration for one minute, then he paid the wrong amount of Internet or other costly mistakes. This was a weekly occurrence, until Thursday, after closing the door and the phone on the workshop, rather than get the invoice file was sitting on the couch in the corner and looked at me. I thought it was me or a fire is something specific. He looked so serious. I ended up pouring the coffee, put on his desk and sat down beside him, then he looked at me and said. 'Carly, I can not control and is not' I was worried, so I laughed, not knowing where the leads. ' It became very difficult for me. ' Well, I thought, I'll be fired anyway. I was embarrassed, so he made a witty comment on itIt is always difficult, and he pornthunder said : Before I knew what was happening had a hand in my lap and one of my tits ' Yes, I'm always for you '.. I tried to protest, but it felt so good I have to admit, I was the wrong fight. He put his hand between my bare legs and tried to price the breast and the other said: ' Dave,' but then stuck his tongue in his neck and kissed me and went with him. He started to rub and feel my way through my underwear. I had never been there before and touches the emotions, the Rockets sent through my body and I began to moan. 'Oh God,' I groaned. I was pushed back on the couch in no time flat and had removed my top and bra to expose my breasts and was sucking the nipples erect. I had never worked in my life. I can not explain how I feel, but I knew I did not want to stop. It was naive of me, but I always pornthunder thought I would lose my virginity to a couple of kids my age in acomfortable bed in the dark after a long courtship period yet here I was in my old boss to feel the couch in the office in the middle of a working day for the first time and it was great. did all kinds of noises and moaning and pornthunder saying things. ' Shit, you're pornthunder a good girl, Carly,' I did nothing, so I do not understand why he said, but I loved the sound of it. ' That's a good girl for me. ' Then he opened his pants and put my hand on his crotch, and almost died. I know I led a sheltered life but really did not know that the penis is very pornthunder large. I always thought it was much thinner, more like a chalk or something rigid, but Dave pornthunder was thick and heavy, and I had the most pornthunder moaned about me called me a good girl. 'That's all. Good girl, Carly. Oh, yes, Carly, yes, a good job. ' then pulled down her panties aside and slipped a finger pornthunder into my vagina, moving it anywhere. It was the firstSomething different than a tampon never been there and I was a little embarrassing because it was wet and thought it turned out all moisture. (Then I realized no different. ) Told me. ' Dave, I'm a virgin ' He looked surprised for a minute, and asked if I wanted to stop. When I said I wanted to continue, shuddered again. pornthunder 'Well, good girl, Carly,' He does not seem to mind, and certainly not, and I loved his finger at me. It felt so good. I started twisting it and then got into another. Then came to where he felt my hand, and he pulled down his pants and was the first time I had seen or felt anything like that. It was at once hard, but smooth and velvety, and was a bit of moisture in the end. But not as much as I had in my own underwear. Then it began to pornthunder moan. 'Oh, shit,' he said, when I started to move the hand up and down on his penis. I know heI also enjoyed and was a pornthunder little hard to concentrate on what he did wonderful things for me, though. groaned, and that, I ripped off my panties and I thought, well, that's it, it finally happened, but I was surprised by scrolling down and put his head between my legs! I had to let go of his penis, he could pornthunder not reach him, but then began to lick and I forgot where I was anyway. I had never seen anything so bright. He lit it with his tongue and licked and sucked for me and I started to squirm and pushing me to take in the mouth, and I wanted more and more. This was not the construction of emotions he could not explain and I could not control and I felt like to burst or something was happening and the whole time I was half crying and whining and moaning and groaning, and my legs and I felt his hot tongue and stroked me outside of myself and I held my breath and likand an explosion inside me. I do not know you could have an orgasm without a penis in you, but now I know what it was. I began to tremble and spasm, and my vagina was pumping and contracting, and shouted, ' Yes David, yes, yes,' was hot and humid and ridiculously inflated and Dave took pornthunder me a few minutes until my breath again normal before he said : ' Carly was very nice now I want to do something for me.. ' I suspected that he wanted me to continue where I left off, and I was trying to put his penis in my set, but said: '... no, I'm not going to save for a special moment, but God, I have to face just keep playing with me,' I did. I grabbed his thick cock and started again. It was still hard and the end was brilliant purple button, so I ran my hand up and down its length and then began to more and faster in my hand and then he grabbed his pornthunder penis with his hand on the top of the mine and shouted ' I cummING, I'm running, 'and then shot all his stuff from the end and in the stomach and rubbed it between her legs and shouted:' Fuuuuuuck. 'Wow, I thought it was not really. What I expected. It was better. are found pornthunder after years, who entered the bathroom and went to wash, but he lifted his leg up on the basin and wet hand basin with tap water and washed. Then I dried with a towel before washing the dishes. 'shit is making me hard, Carly. I'm ready to go with blood again. ' He kissed me and thanked me. ' Thank You ', and said it was bright red. He just smiled and told me he would be rewarded too much for a pornthunder girl so good, good. I did, I was not forever all fired and I was hoping that meant he wanted me again. If you know exactly how I was ' rewarded' want, please let me know and I'll write the next part.
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